Enterprise Culture

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FreeSky of the World

Footstone of FreeSky----breed in the east of the world, the soil of China, five millennium of civilization, Grown on the earth of China;
Footstone of FreeSky----taking root in Motherland, the root of China, inherit Chinese culture, build the foundation of FreeSky Corporation;
Footstone of FreeSky----derived from Chinese thoughts, the soul of China, inherit Chinese history, realize the dream of FreeSky;

FreeSky Aviation is grown on the earth of China, where five millennium of civilization inheriting Chinese culture builds the FreeSky philosophic thought as the corporate foundation, bears the Chinese history with full enthusiasm, and realize the dreams of FreeSky; breeds the FreeSky toward the world!

With “Courtesy, Virtue, and Optimus Prime” as the enterprise philosophy and gathering the Chinese excellent spirits concept as a whole, FreeSky Aviation is striving for seeking the truth in the five-thousand China's long cultural history for self-discipline and treating others, its development and improvement; looking for spiritual beliefs in a tremendous amount of Chinese culture for growth and leap, inheritance and development. The three concepts are mixed with each other and decomposed, running through the whole philosophy system and complying with the origin of the universe. With the courtesy perform operation in the world, by means of the courtesy serve others, probe into the moral essence, inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of a state of ceremonies, consider the courtesy as moral norms and as the norms of all the behaviors; kindly treat others and all the things, love and treat everything around, love each other, increase thick virtue and permit to carry creation, relish the excellent Chinese traditional culture spirits, build a harmonious and safe society, sublimate personality so to achieve the highest moral realm; soar in the vast sky with powerful thrust, and with a bold bearing, carry great ideal and responsibility as heavy as Mount Tai, flying across all over the world, and towards the boundless universe with visitors from all the corners of the world.