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President Address 

The superiority of the membership is that the membership system is a kind of communication medium between a person and a person or a person and the club, which is initiated by the club initiated and under the club management invites customers to joint the club voluntarily in the purpose of regularly supplying a exclusive service to its members and always contacting them. It will provide a sense of belonging, sense of honor, satisfaction and other high perceived value business, resources, communication, information platform for them.

Membership system’s goal that the club, by setting up an emotional relationship with the members, continues stimulating and increasing their loyalty and satisfaction through professional and innovative services.

FreeSky Aviation exists for the purpose of creating values for its members, and the satisfaction of the members embodies FreeSky Aviation values!

In the ancient East, the combination of the membership system with the charter flight service, innovative ideas, unique concept, have given it a new life. Thus, on the soil of China is borne a great business model among the charter flight clubs!

Whenever a very new business model is born, a mass of practitioners and successors will appear together with it. In this process, most people would not understand or silently watch these pioneers working busily in their wondering eyes. However, when everyone becomes aware, these pioneers have already achieved attractive successes.

The elites with a rich life experience, standing in front of their respective industries and rising above the common herd and obtaining outstanding achievements, shall have a limitless future. While innovating the air travel style, FreeSky Aviation has brought together a group of people with the ability to influence, change, and lead the world. Here FreeSky Aviation will become a trusted friend to every member, an important part of his life, an will witness the progress from excellence to outstanding of each member!

“Happy, harmonious, and close corporation” is the company culture and membership culture that FreeSky Aviation always advocates and implements, in which the employee interests are above the corporation interests, the members’ interests are above everything else, and the members’ needs is the power and the direction of FreeSky people, and the club will create a business resources and communication platform fully reflecting the culture superiority of the members’ circle by continuously holding various member activities.

I believe that in FreeSky Aviation Charter Flight Club you can really enjoy safety, home travel private, business efficiency, and through our firm perseverance, innovation faith, responsibility and obligation, together with every member, we can create a rich spiritual and wealthy homeland. With our warm love of our nation, we shall make history, witness the excellence, and create a happier and extraordinary ideal future!

                                                                                                                                                                              FreeSky President   Yongming Fu