Safety Team

FreeSky Aviation insists on the guideline of Safety First, Precaution Crucial, advocates safety culture, sings the song of safety, and deepens the work principle of Safety First into the work of every employee. To ensure the continuous safety operation, increase the safety input, establish Safety Management System above the regulations of CCAR-135 and set the post of Chief Safety Officer with the functional departments of security division below, to supervise the operation safety management process. FreeSky Aviation plans to introduce SMS management system and realizes the systematization of safety management. The safety management of FreeSky Aviation will be in the leading position in the industry and build the safety culture with FreeSky Aviation characteristics:

1. FreeSky Aviation will put risk management as the core, conduct risk analysis on each flight operation and make safety measures for all the risks of flight operation;

2. FreeSky Aviation will conduct QAR monitoring on all flights, analyze the real flight data of each flight, establish the personal QAR files for pilots, realize individualized training for pilots, and enhance the flight quality of the fleet practically;

3. FreeSky Aviation will set up mid-term and long-term safety goals and safety index, refine safety management plan, implement safety responsibilities into each production post, and establish scientific safety performance assessment criterion;

4. FreeSky Aviation will clarify all safety management system in safety policies, promote employee volunteer report, advocate all staff participating in safe and positive safety culture, and realize the continuous safety operation through all staff participating in safety management.

Yongming Fu FreeSky Aviation Co. Ltd. President (and Chief Security Director)

In 1997 Air China Inner Mongolia Branch Operation Control Center flight dispatcher;
In 2004 Air China Inner Mongolia Branch dispatch director in charge in Beijing;
In 2006 Air China Aviation Safety Management Department aviation safety incident investigator;
In 2009 Air China Aviation Safety Management Department training manager, incident investigation manager, in charge of safety management work including aviation safety audit and aviation safety supervision, participating in the construction of Air China Safety Management System (SMS).

Ying Li FreeSky Aviation Co., Ltd. Safety Operation Standards & Supervision Department Security Division Present Manager

From 2003-2007  Tianjin Financial University Business Institution Marketing Profession
From 2007-2012  Grandstar Cargo International Airlines Co., Ltd.  Security commissioner

Qualification and Awards:
In 2007, obtained Korean Air LOAD CONTROL Certificate;
In 2008, obtained DGM DANGEROUS GOOD REGULATIONS Certificate;
In 2008, obtained ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Internal Auditor Certificate;
In 2011, obtained SeMS Training Completion Certificate;

Work Events:
1. Has more than 5 years airlines security experience, familiar with civil aviation security regulations and provisions; maintains long-term and effective communication and coordination with CAAC public security bureau, airport public security bureau and local public security bureau;
2. Is responsible for the political examination of apron operation personnel and flight personnel enrolled by the company, control strictly to ensure its political reliability, satisfy CAAC background investigation regulations and ensure air defense safety.