Support Team

Maintenance Support Center

The deputy President of maintenance is responsible for FreeSky Aviation Support team and constructs the organization structure with Maintenance & Engineering Department as the main body. FreeSky Aviation owns a maintenance support team with perfect style, exquisite technology and strict discipline, which provides reliable maintenance support service for the flight safety of FreeSky Aviation fleet. The aircraft maintenance support system bears the important responsibility of flight safety, flight normality and cost control. As FreeSky Aviation develops and expands, the team will devote to develop the senior maintenance capability of aircraft line maintenance, scheduled maintenance, accessory maintenance, FBO service and cabin decoration; it will cooperate with aircraft manufacturer, obtain the qualification of authorized maintenance center, integrate with advanced international maintenance level, and provide high-standard, high-technology and high-efficiency high-quality maintenance support service for FreeSky Aviation members, domestic and foreign customers.

In the maintenance support team, people holding CCAR-66 Civil Aircraft Maintenance Personnel License required by CAAC occupy 83%, the major management personnel all hold CCAR-66 Civil Aircraft Maintenance Management Personnel Certificate required by CAAC, the deputy President of maintenance and the general manager of Maintenance & Engineering Department have both participated in civil aviation maintenance for over 20 years, and possess rich maintenance and management experience.

According to the requirements of CCAR-135 and CCAR-145, FreeSky Aviation Maintenance & Engineering Department sets five divisions: Engineering Technology Division, Maintenance Planning Division, Quality Management Division, Maintenance Support Division and Training Management Division, which, under the leadership of general manager of Maintenance & Engineering Department, will implement the management functions of engineering technology, maintenance planning and control, quality, training and aircraft maintenance of maintenance system. The maintenance personnel introduced by FreeSky Aviation are experienced professionals in the industry, from domestic airlines. Most of them are from business jet corporations, and have rich business jet maintenance support experience. We will continuously enhance the maintenance support capability to escort the safety flight of FreeSky Aviation and provide better service for members enthusiastically on the basis of flight safety and maintenance support quality, and with the work style of exquisite professional technology, down-to-earth and resolutely.