Airbus ACJ319


Launched in 1997, ACJ is the first business aircraft with single aisle of A320 series. With its unprecedented comfort and space activity freedom, ACJ has become the most successful aircraft type in Airbus business aircraft series. As a business aircraft derived on the basis of A319, ACJ cabin can be customized according to customer's taste, with the auxiliary fuel tanks mounted to the aircraft so as to make it more suitable for the intercontinental route and at the same time, its powerful engine thrust makes the aircraft possess a good takeoff performance.

ACJ cabin width is two times as large as the traditional business jet’s, very suitable for large group, and can serve as a transport tool for a large corporation, a government delegation and a big family. ACJ’s VVIP type usually has 19 seats, and when chartered as a government or a company aircraft, it can be installed with 40 to 50 seats. With a range of 11000 kilometers, ACJ can fly directly to Moscow from Beijing or directly to Los Angeles from London. ACJ is the only business aircraft that has flown all the continents (including Antarctica), demonstrating its great adaptability.

Seating capacity 4+19/156
Engine model 2 CFMI CFM56-5B7/3
SE thrust/kN 120 (ISA+29℃)
Engine overhaul time interval/hour As required
Outer Dimensions
Length/m 33.8
Height/m 11.8
Wingspan/m 34.1
Inner Dimensions
Cabin Net Length/m 23.8
Cabin Height/m 2.3
Cabin Width(Max/Floor)/m 3.7/3.5
Baggage Rack
Interior cabin volume/m³ 4.5
Inner Cabin Bearing/kg N/A
Outer Cabin VOL/m³ N/A
Outer Cabin Bearing/kg N/A
MTOW/ton 76.5
MLW/ton 62.5
MFW/ton 32.9
TOFL/meter 1881
LD/meter 677
Climb Performance To 10973 meter altitude in 22 minutes
Certification Ceiling/m 12497
Twin-Engine Ceiling/m 10973
SE Ceiling/meter 5486
SL Cabin Altitude/m 6706
Long-Range Cruise Speed/(km/hr) 828
High-Speed Cruise Speed/(km/hr) 870
4 Passenger Cruise/km 11116
Ferry(Zero Pay Load)Range/km 11482

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