Dassault Falcon 7x


Falcon 7 X is a three-engine long-range turbofan business aircraft developed and manufactured by French Dassault Falcon Business Jet Corporation, which put forward the development plan in 2001 and it first adopted full fly-by-wire (FFBW) operation and used the digital flight control system with Pratt &Whitney company’s PW307A engines installed, and it first flew on May 5, 2005, and in April, 2007, it obtained the airworthiness certificate issued by France and the United States, and in 2010, it had its type license in China.

Falcon 7 X can have a non-stop flight from London Airport to New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Cape Town and Tokyo, and can meet the requirements of the business aircraft users for efficiency.

Dassault “Falcon” 7X is excellent in flight performance, and also adopts the new decent and comfortable cabin. As for Falcon 7X delivered after 2011, its wide and bright cabin has 28 windows, with the cabin 10% wider than the models earlier than “Falcon”. The advanced temperature control system and “silent” environment of the model provide elegant sensing room for passengers. The cabin integrates the functionality, high-technology and ergonomics, uses high-low lighting and is equipped with penetrating ceiling lights and high class carpet design.

Seating capacity 3+12/19
Engine model 2 P&WC PW307A
SE Thrust/kN 28.5 (ISA+17℃)
Engine overhaul time interval/hour 7200
Cockpit avionics electron bag EASy/Honewell
Outer Dimensions
Length/m 23.2
Height/m 7.8
Wingspan/m 26.2
Inner Dimensions
Cabin Net Length/m 11.9
Cabin Height/m 1.9
Cabin Width(Max/Floor)/m 2.3/1.9
Baggage Rack
Interior cabin volume/m³ 4.0
Interior cabin load/kg 909.8
Exterior cabin volume/m³ -
Exterior cabin load/kg -
MTOW/ton 31.8
MLW/ton 28.3
MFW/ton 14.5
Takeoff runway length/m 1739
Landing distance/m 646
Climb performance To 11278 meter altitude in 18 minutes
Certification ceiling/m 15545
Twin engine ceiling/m 12607
SE ceiling/m 9620
SL CAB ALT/m 8900
LRC Speed/(km/hr) 850
High Cruise Speed/(km/hr) 924
4 Pax range/km 10631
Ferry(Zero Payload) Range/km 10779

The cabin can be equipped with a table for four and two more seats added at the aisle corridor for six passengers to have meals or a meeting.
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