Dassault Falcon 2000S


In the 2011, at European Business Aircraft Air Show, Dassault released a new Falcon 2000S.This new aircraft model adopted a optimized wing design, which was one of most economical aircraft in this aircraft level. The outer wing design uses blending winglets, which can reduce the drag under high speed, and improve fuel economy, and its inboard wings make use of slats technology to increase the lift. These designs make up the most efficient wings in the business aviation field.  

Interior Furnishing

Falcon 2000S commissioned U.S.A. Cabin Interior Furnishing Center of BMW Group Design Company to implement the aircraft interior furnishing. This aircraft can hold 2 to 3 flight crewmembers, and its can have 10 passengers seated, which is larger than most medium-sized business aircraft's in space by 20%. Its cabin uses extra large 10-seat layout, with separate club sofas both in front and rear cabins which can meet the demand of both meeting and dining.Every seat has integrated airborne electronic equipment sockets and screen and has up to 18 windows installed. The intuitive cockpit design adopts a newly designed EASy II-generation of cockpit system, improving the coordination of the flight crew so as to enable the pilots to control the aircraft under the highest level of safety in maximum performance. The advanced avionics system can effectively manage the fuel flow and indicate the cockpit information. Four very large screens and a set of advanced visual intuitive image display provide still better situational awareness, thus reducing the workload of the pilots.  


Falcon 2000S has the most advanced wing design, very fuel efficiently environment-protected engines, and still lower emission standards, with its range of 6,204 km and the short runway performance similar to still smaller business aircraft. Thanks to the new wing design and super environmental protection engines, 2000S’ operation cost is lower than many other still smaller models. At 0.8 Mach and 6 passengers onboard, its range is 6,204 kilometers with maximum operating speed of 685 km/h. The increased range can make the aircraft fly across the U.S.A. continent without stop at the mid-way for refueling, such as from San Francisco to Panama City. Starting from Beijing, Falcon 2000S can very easily fly to the major Asian cities, such as Jakarta, Mumbai, etc., and in case of flying westward, it can fly to Guam or Nome in Alaska. 

Falcon 2000S Main Performance Parameters

Passenger Seats 10 Passengers
Max Range 3,350 nm/ 6,205 km
Engine Device P&WC 2XPW308C Engine
Max Operation Speed 0.862 Mach
Max Cruise Altitude 47,000 ft / 14,325 m
Interior Cabin Height 6.17 ft/ 1.88 m
Interior Cabin Length 26.2 ft/ 7.98 m
Interior Cabin Width 92 ft/ 2.34 m
Cabin Volume 1,024 ft3/ 29 m3
Aircraft Length 66.83 ft/ 20.3 m
Height/m 21.33 ft / 6.5 m
Wingspan/m 70.17 ft / 21.36 m
Max Zero Fuel Weight 4,950 (Pound)/ 2,245 kg
Max Payload 4,950 (Pound)/ 2,245 kg