Challenger CL850


In 1995, Canadian Aircraft Company special edition enterprise jet aircraft project started, and it was renamed “Challenger” 850 Aircraft in 2005.

“Challenger” 850 aircraft inherited the special positioning already established by this aircraft——to provide the enterprise and the government users with flexible cabin interior furnishing customization services.

For “Challenger” 850 aircraft operators, Bombardier Business Aircraft warranty program can benefit them greatly. These operators can get Bombardier service support throughout the world. Now Bombardier's field service representative teams, the service center directly under Bombardier, the authorized service organization and parts distribution network are continuously growing.

Seating capacity 2+15/19
Engine model 2 GE CF34-3B1
SE Thrust/KN 39
Engine overhaul time interval/hour on condition
Cockpit avionics electron bag Pro Line 4
(Rockwell Collins)
Outer Dimensions
Length/m 26.8
Height/m 6.2
Wingspan/m 21.2
Inner Dimensions
Cabin Net Length/m 12.3
Cabin Height/m 1.9
Cabin Width(Max/Floor)/m 2.5/2.2
Baggage Rack
Interior cabin volume/m³ 4.5
Interior cabin load/kg 408.6
Exterior cabin volume/m³ N/A
Exterior cabin load/kg N/A
MTOW/ton 24.0
MLW/ton 21.3
MFW/ton 8.3
Takeoff runway length/m 1922
Landing distance/m 754
Climb performance 11278 meter altitude in 32 minutes
Certification ceiling/m 12497
Twin engine ceiling/m 11509
SE ceiling/m 5904
SL CAB ALT/m 6431
LRC Speed/(km/hr) 785
High Cruise Speed/(km/hr) 850
4 Pax range/km 5530
Ferry(Zero Payload) Range/km 5760

The above data are for reference only