Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari


High-Tech Integrated Avionics System

Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari is configured with Pro1 Line 21 integrated avionics system manufactured by Rockwell Collins Company, which integrate airplane navigation and communication completely as that the pilots can conveniently use it, and the system failure rate is very rare which can supply the most effective information during instrument flight. It is rare and commendable to integrate the digital cockpit with the reliability, efficiency and highest flight safety level, under the sophisticated avionics integration technology.

Environmentally friendly and efficient aircraft

Integrated with innovative design and advanced technology, Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari has become the most environmentally friendly aircraft. Compared with the aircraft at the same level, when reaching the same range, Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari can reduce its fuel consumption by 40% and its CO2 emission causing the pollution will be sharply reduced by 40%.

Not only the aircraft itself, its manufacture process also uses the most advanced technology of environmental protection. Piaggio manufacture process environmental management system has obtained UNI 14001 certification to reduce the manufacture process pollution to a minimum. In addition to performance, comfort and energy conservation combined, Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari cabin configuration has the greatest flexibility, which is widely used for different purposes and become the popular options of the air rescue, coastal patrol, search and rescue and flight test.

Fashionable, avantgarde, vibrant, and perfect Air Ferrari
For most people, luxury and valuableness is the first label affixed to the business aircraft. In the Chinese markets, the business aircraft is consciously or unconsciously connected with luxury, and the long-range, high-end, luxury business aircraft has become hot models and symbols of wealth and new rich people’s favor.
According to the international definition of luxury goods, luxury is a kind of consumer goods beyond people survival and development needs and with unique scarcity exotic characteristics. Another important attribute of luxury goods is its intangible value much higher than its value. Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari's fashionable, avantgarde, and vibrant characteristic are undoubtedly a better interpretation of this attribute and will attach a unique fashion label to the business aircraft.
Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari is truly a private aircraft more fashion-forward than any other aircraft at the same level transport media.
Milan, Italy, a vibrant, dynamic, and fashionable capital, has now become the most qualified speaker for the Italian modern life, the history and culture; here we can experience another kind of “old” city, realize the fashion of modern Italian understanding, and we can find an urban life fashion and rhythm that has no blundering cells.
Galleeria Vittorio Emenuele was built in 1865-1877 with 47-meter gallery roof in dome shape and topped with stained glass canopy. Its floors are paved with marble Mosaic. In the huge arch gorgeous, long corridor there are gold and silver jewelry fashion gift shop, restaurant, cafe and bookstore of exquisite decoration, which is ancient and elegant shops street.
Under the dome, Piaggio Company, a famous Italian aviation enterprise, unveils a Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari multi-purpose business jet full of abstract design and symbols like Leonardo Da Vinci's and the gradient mysterious sky blue is just like a star map. The fuselage of Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari is full flow, its small forward canard wings on the fuselage is down slightly, six windows quickly compact layout and powerful twin-engine turboprop engines can show its identity of business jet allotted for elite service.
As Piaggio aviation partners and investors, in 2008, Ferrari F1 Team obtained Piaggio P180 “Forward II” from Piaggio as a special aircraft for the season, and Mr. Piero Ferrari said that the big legendary Ferrari “Prancing Horse” symbol on the Piaggio aircraft wings indicates the close cooperation between the two giant companies and business success, and will bring each other still more powerful movement of passion and good luck.
Ferrari F1 Team world champions Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa used Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari as the special aircraft for that season.
The countries at present using “Forward” model are: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Jordan, Poland, the United States which have become the biggest users of Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari. Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari in the United States has become a bestowed favor of many rich and powerful people, Hollywood and sports stars, and on newly, and Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari with halo on it such as vibrant, dynamic, and fashionable also serve in Bulgaria 28 Aviation Division, Italian and United Arab Emirates (UAE) air forces.


Aircraft Weight Class Fuel Comsuption
CO2  Emissions (Pound)/hour
Gulfstream 400 Heavy 415 8785
Dassault Falcon 2000 Heavy 330 6985
Challenger 604 Heavy 285 6033
Citation X Medium 295 6245
Hawk 800XP Medium 280 5927
Lear 60XR Medium 230 4869
Citation CJ1 Light 120 2540
Hawk 400XP Light 180 3810
Lear 40XR Light 180 3810
P180 Avanti II Light 100 2110
Piaggio P180 Specifications
Max Cruise Speed(31000)ft altitude(ISA) 402KTAS(745km/hour) BGCOMPT Volume:44.15ft/1.25m3
      Max Load:300Ibs/136kg
Max Flight Altitude 41,000ft/12,500m MTOW 1,2100 Ibs/5,489kg
Climb Rate 2,770ft/min
MLW 1,1500Ibs/5,216kg
Takeoff Dist(SL Altitude,ISA,MTOW,50ft/15m Alt) 3,235ft/986m Max Zero Fuel Weight 9,800Ibs/4,445kg
Landing Dist(SL Alt,IFR,MLW,from 50ft/15m Alt) Propeller without inversion 3,282ft/1,000m Std Empty Weight 7,800Ibs/3,538kg
(NBAA ISA) Max Range 1,470nm/2,772km Max Fuel Load 2,802Ibs/1,271kg
Engine Pratt & Whitney of Canada PT6A-66B 850 HP/634 kW/each Payload 4,150Ibs/1,882kg
Outer Dimension Wingspan/m 46'0.48"/14.04m Aircraft Length  47'3.24"/14.41m Height/m 13'0.90"/3.98m Max Load 1,800Ibs/816kg
Inner Dimension Height 5'9"/1.75m Width 6'1"/1.85m Length  14'11"/4.55m Max Fuel Load 2,350Ibs/1,067kg
    Full Fuel Load 1,350Ibs/613kg
    Pressurization Pressure difference 9.0psi/0.62bar (A/C SL Alt 24000ft/7,315m)
    Max Pax No. 9+2 crewmember
    Std Pax No. 6+1crewmember

Super Power and Performance

Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari is equipped with two PT6A-66-B jet engines with small noise and high reliability and their total power output is even 1700 horsepower. With strong power engines, Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari's highest ceiling can reach 41,000 feet, higher than the traditional jet propeller aircraft by over 10,000 feet. At cruising altitude of 31,000 feet, its maximum speed is up to 745 km/h and maximum cruising Mach number (MMO) is 0.70.

Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari is the perfect combination of power and fuel economy, making the owner all show charisma and creating value for generations! Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari's streamline shape originates from a completely new philosophy of aerodynamics. Its wings adopt three lifting surface design of Piaggio patent: continuous curve modeling from the nose to tail can perfectly keep the boundary current attached closely to the wings, thus sharply reducing air resistance by 34%, and pushing Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari's performance to the extreme!

Shorter Runways

Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari range can reach 2,700 kilometers, and in a long line, you can reduce stops halfway for refueling so as to arrive at your destination in the shortest time. Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari can meet the demand of all the countries and regions in the world for aircraft, and your secretary will not apply for special permission and you can take off on time as long as submitting your flight plan timly, Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari has an excellent low-altitude take-off performance and can easily take off and land on the 1000-meter short runway.

More Spacious Cabin

Based on the options, Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari can hold 6 to 8 passengers, and its spacious cabin is the leader of the aircraft at the same level.

The cabin is 1.75 m in height, 1.85 meters in width, so that you can finally walk tall in the cabin, and no longer have to hunch over, making you at a discount superior image greatly. At the same time, the aircraft pressure can reach 9.0 psi, which can slow down the discomfort caused by the pressure change, no matter at work or rest, so as to let you enjoy the flying fun. Because of Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari’s rear engine design, you will enjoy the amazing quiet in flight.

Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari is configured with all-functional and independent toilet, spacious wardrobe and hand luggage space. It has a baggage hold for baggage placed outside the aircraft, and the hold has large space of 1.25 m3 even to carry a complete set of golf clubs and ski device!

Derived from traditional Italian design, Piaggio P180 Air Ferrari has created an outstanding style, breaking through your mental orientation of a comfortable journey in all round way and adding elegant and romantic memories for your business flight.