Ten-Billion Club


FreeSky Charter Flight Club, also called Ten-Billion Club, gathers top business elite leaders of all the walks and the club consists of many entrepreneurs; club membership only has 200 seats, so it is clear that the club member seats are rare and precious and according to the club's rules, after the member seats are all occupied, only when one member seat is vacant, can a new member be approved to join in the club so as to make the club truly niche, noble, exclusive in order to have it transformed from quantity to quality; each member's age is between 30 to 50, and every one is the creator playing a decisive role in the society, and here they will be proud of the same outstanding members around them; each member entrepreneur assets are at least RMB¥10,000,000,000 yuan, thus realizing a leap in the quality, so FreeSky Charter Flight Club truly takes the special plane club as a platform and use aircraft, charter flight as the media to create a unique Ten-Billion Club as an exchange stage for billions of entrepreneurs.