Value-added Service
● Luxury cars and shuttle fleet services;
● VIP meeting etiquette Service;
● Service of assisting members in handling visa; 
● In-cabin personalized service;
● Other service arrangement
(Such as hotel, banquet, reception, conference, translation, business and press conference, etc.)
Assist the members in handling the overseas visa, make reservations for domestic and foreign known hotels, restaurants and golf projects;
Domestic and foreign business survey customization and planning, domestic and foreign meeting and exhibition planning and customization;  
Domestic and foreign high-end health and medical health services, including private doctors, domestic and foreign high-end health care product reservation and accompany, nominal forum, restaurant reservation, providing the members with meticulous health care services.
Airport VIP Service
Include assistance in ticket and luggage transportation (departure flight); assistance in reception at boarding gate and luggage collection (arrival flight); arrange VIP lounge for rest; arrange field specific safety check; exclusive parking lot; shuttle bus within apron.  
VIP Courtesy Services
Include restaurant reservation, dress circle seat reservation for film release and luxury new release, important festival arrangement, reservation for famous modeling designer and gymnasium coach, fashion new product consultation, overseas purchase of global works of art, luxury purchase assistance, member visa assistance, reservation for domestic and foreign famous hotels, golf and yacht projects.