Three Strategies

Special Invitation Membership
The club is special invitation membership, with scarce seats and limited edition. After initially inviting the members, the club will invite new members, meanwhile, the new members can be recommended by the old members, and accepted by the club as members after passing the audit of the club.

The stage gathering giants, each new member will be proud of the members around, our members are all the leaders and elites from various industries, and they are the people who have thoughts and ability to change and affect the world.

Hold all kinds of theme activities for special invitation members periodically every year, build the spheres of culture for top connections, and build the membership culture of “Happy and Friendly, Close and Harmonious”.

Cost Price Membership Service
The club will provide the members with the services at the direct operation cost per hour, and settle the accounts at the cost price with not earning any profits; and charge 15% service fee as the operation income for normal operation of the company, to better serve the members. The club will issue an invoice of the third party or FreeSky Co. Ltd. invoice to the club members.

Public Benefit Enterprise
The corporation is a for-profit enterprise advocating public interests as its goal. It strives to improve the competitiveness, expand the service and reproduction and public welfare, and improve the service quality of the club specially invited members.

FreeSky Club will set up FreeSky Funds with its income and profits, including FreeSky Good Person Fund and FreeSky University Students Venture Fund for long-term public welfare undertakings. Set up the industry model and social returns.