Charter Flight Club Profile

FreeSky Charter Flight Club (abbreviated as club) conducts the business mode of special membership invitation service mechanism. The member cards will be issued 200 pieces in total. The leaders and elites of all industries are gathered and the members are consisted with the chairman of board, President, transnational enterprise CEO, executives of state enterprises and government officials. The club accepts volunteer application of the applicant, and also accepts the recommendation of members. Send the invitation to the applicant to be the member after the applicant passing the strict audit of the club.

The club will keep strict confidentiality of members and will not disclose any information of the members outside. The club provides a top private business social platform for members to communicate.

Time is money under the constantly changing economy conditions nowadays, saving time is to obtain profits, which has become the personal feelings of many private charter users. FreeSky Charter Flight Club can save at least 3 hours of waiting time for members for the same domestic trips, excuse complex boarding procedures, and reduce time cost for members. Apply the limited time cost into more business chances before the competitors.

When the member needs to arrive at multiple destinations in one day, it is hard to realize such trip arrangement relying on public transportation. So you need FreeSky Charter Flight Club, we will provide customized trip management for you and satisfy all your trip demands.

When the member needs to discuss work details in trips, and needs a safe environment, so you need FreeSky Charter Flight Club, our jets are equipped with advanced business tools, and we can provide the accompany secretary and translator as required, and set up the unique special onboard meeting room for you.

If the industry you are engaged in changes constantly, the several hours in air will make you lose contact with the ground, and can not give instructions or judge in time which will cause a loss, so you need FreeSky Charter Flight Club, our jets are equipped with advanced communication tools such as network, telephone and video telephone, assist you in obtaining the required information at first time and holding the business chance.

For a corporation stressing on high efficiency, efficiency is equal to production capability and equal to profits, so as to enhance the core competitiveness of an enterprise. We believe FreeSky Charter Flight Club can help you and your enterprise get more business chances.