Channel Manager

Major Responsibilities:

1. Channel construction and management, etc.
2. To manage candidate channel and provide the service support
3. To perform marketing strategy in the channels and coordinate marketing promotion;
4. To build channel database system and promote the market channel. 
5. In case of channel conflict, guide benign competition in the channels, implement regular evaluation, analysis, and coordination.
6. To perform research feedback on the information on market conditions and competitive brands. 
7. To conduct business negotiation with potential partners and promote cooperation contract signature.
8. Using channel system CRM customer relationship management, perform customer maintenance work
9. To assist other departments and leadership in carrying out the marketing work.


1. To have high-end industry experience, be familiar with customer relationship marketing, and good image temperament;
2. To have fast learning ability, strong sense of competition in the market, standard mandarin;
3. To have independent work ability, have the courage to accept challenges, be able to bear the target pressure;
4. Those with strong business negotiation and independent market exploit ability, and channel development and management experience are preferred;
5. To have good communication skills with strong organization and coordination ability and team cooperation spirit; be ready to face the challenge;
6. To be familiar with office software;
7. To have strong ability of project planning and negotiating skills, write in an easy and fluent style;
8. To have rich channel agent development ability and rich communication negotiation skills channel management experience;
9. To have strong learning ability and the team cooperation spirit;
10. To have outgoing personality, strong spirit of dedication to work and challenge;
11. Those with good personal reputation and ethics, and executive industry experience are preferred;