Legal Manager
Position Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for checking, drafting, and revising major contracts, and participate in a major contract or project negotiations investigation, etc.
2. Responsible for checking legal risks of the company in marketing promotion, operation, and issuing the relevant legal advice, carding process system;
3. To take part in negotiations of major dispute processing, coordinate with the judicial administrative organs;
4. To participate in enterprise management, and other aspects of legal transactions;
5. To perform legal training on related business system inside the company;
6. To establish and perfect the internal legal risk prevention and control system of the company.


1. Bachelor degree or above, Legal professional; have a lawyer's practice certificate or pass the judicial examination.
2. Five years or more of legal services at a large and medium-sized enterprise, preferred for legal experience in aviation;
3. Proficient in contract law, company law, consumer right and interest protection law, advertisement law, labor law, etc.;
4. Strong and excellent analytical and communication skills;