Training Instructor

Working Duties:

1. Responsible for the training of FreeSky Aviation internal employees and external candidates, and complete training of the project and professional knowledge in time;
2. To make training plan, training target, training process and the development of training courses;
3. According to different stages and the specific objectives of the company, strengthen training communication skills, industry background knowledge and management training, etc.;
4. To complete other trainings within the scope of the company authorization as well as other projects, including professional knowledge class, etc.;
5. To cooperate the operation control center, the member service center, markets and channels department and other related departments in completing salon activity, senior member experience and related member activities;
6. To regularly collect from training audience feedback on curriculum contents, forms, arrangement, etc.;
7. To make up weekly training plan every week, prepare monthly training plan every month and prepare weekly and monthly;
8. To collect the issues about the projects, channels, member maintenance and other aspects in the company by visiting, investigation and other forms and feed them back in a timely manner.
9. To understand the latest industry policy, industry competitor information, and update related items monthly;
10. To cooperate with other departments in their work, and arrange the daily training of the internal staffs;
11. Reasonable for reasonably planning training expenditures;
12. To assist the quarterly candidate sales target and field coaching work;


Working experience: related working experience in training management for 5 years or more;
Quality requirements: good communication ability, better logic, thinking clearly, strong affinity, good personal image;
Professional skills: rich classroom training experience, working experience in teaching for at least 5 years or more;
Age requirements: 30 to 45 years old;
Education requirement: bachelor degree or above;
Language: those with mandarin standard, strong English verbal ability are preferred;
Other requirements: those with related aviation working experience are preferred.