Beijing Development & Reform Commission: New Airport and Other Key Projects Speeding Up

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(Reporter Pu Changting) Beijing Municipal Development & Reform Commission news yesterday, in the first quarter of this year, the municipal key projects have completed investment of ¥33.8 billion yuan, accounting for a third of the first quarter of the whole social investment. Among them, the new airports and other key projects are speeding up.In the first quarter of the year, the municipal GDP growth was 7.9%; the public finance budget revenue growth was 15.6%, higher than the national average growth rate.
This year Beijing will introduce the policies of promoting consumption, such as promoting electronic commerce development, encouraging credit consumption, which are now being formulated. In terms of tax burden, Beijing operation reform pilot industries had their tax burden decreased by 34% in overall.
For people's livelihood, Beijing employment situation was stable on the whole; the city's registered urban unemployment rate was 1.36% and 87,000 new jobs were for urban residents to promote the registered unemployed workers and rural labor force employment of 44,000.