Asia & Pacific Region Business Aircraft Increased by 65% and Chinese Market Exceeding Japan’s

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  Sina aviation - in April 2013, the latest market data analysis on JetNet made by Beach showed that the number of Asia & Pacific Region business aircraft was increased from 947 in 2002 to 1,566 in 2012 with the growth of 65%. Where, Singapore's market growth leads the Asian & Pacific markets (131%), from 16 in 2002 to 37 in 2012. It is immediately followed by China’s Hong Kong (104%) and China mainland (103%).With nearly 10 years’ strong growth, the Chinese mainland has successfully exceeded in size (187 aircraft) Japan, leading Asia & Pacific Region.

Mr Ted Farid, Vice President of Sales of Beach in Asia Pacific, said: “The strong economic development in Asian & Pacific Region has promoted the continuously increasing growth in the region business aircraft market. The business leaders and entrepreneurs in this region know very well the importance of regularly meeting with the customers and investigating the business, and convenience of private business aircraft can fully meet their needs.
In the Asia & Pacific business aircraft market, about 58% of them are jet aircraft and 42% turbine propeller aircraft. The data show that the turboprop aircraft is more popular: between 2008-2012, the delivery of turboprop aircraft in Asia & Pacific is increased by 27% compared with 2003-2007. “Compared with the size of similar jet aircraft, turboprop aircraft economic performance is better, and it is also the important reason for the popularity of Beach Air King series." Mr Ted Farid stressed that "For Asia & Pacific Region, whether the business aircraft can be operated flexibly and conveniently is crucial, which is what Air King Aircraft is good at. In addition, Air King Aircraft can also easily take off and land on a short-range gravel runway; therefore it is particularly suited to carry out special tasks.” In 1964, Beach started producing twin-engine turboprop aircraft—Air King. This series of aircraft is the world's most popular business aircraft family. In 2002-2011, among the delivered business turboprop aircraft in Asia & Pacific region, about 69% were Air King Aircraft, which can show its status as a market leader. At present, Air King series account for 64% of business turboprop business aircraft in Asia & Pacific region market.