Warm congratulations on FreeSky Aviation Obtaining CCAR – 135 Part Operation Certificate

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On July 2, 2013, FreeSky Aviation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FreeSky Aviation) CCAR-135 Part Operation Certificate Ceremony was held as FreeSky Aviation Tianjin Base, the related leadership of CAAC North China Administration and Tianjin Supervision Bureau on behalf of the Authority issued CCAR-135 Part Aviation Operator Operation Certificate and CCAR-135 Part Operation Specifications to FreeSky Aviation Co., Ltd. leadership, and the issuance of Operation Certificate is a historic milestone for FreeSky Aviation, marking that FreeSky Aviation officially became an aviation commercial transport certificate holder operating under CAAC CCAR-135 Part regulations system and it can perform an irregular passenger transport mission.FreeSky Aviation has become a new member of China's commercial aviation, and FreeSky Aviation unique invitation membership system model will add a new vigor to the business aviation market and will also be contributing to the development of Chinese aviation.

The related leaders of CAAC North China Administration and Tianjin Supervision Bureau expressed their heartfelt congratulations to FreeSky Aviation on obtaining Operation Certification and thanked the Authority Examination and Approval Team members participating in the examination and approval work. They required FreeSky Aviation to strictly abide by the requirements of CCAR-135 Part regulations, effectively control the operation risk, persist in safety first & prevention, correctly handle the relationship between the safety and profits, continuously improve the safety management system, increase investment, strengthen the management and training of flight, operation control, maintenance and other first line support team, strictly “operate as per the rules”, “handle according to the regulations”, and ensure the operation safety.

FreeSky Aviation Co., Ltd. leaders thanked CAAC, CAAC North China Administration and Tianjin Supervision Bureau for the help and guidance to FreeSky Aviation’s preparations, so that the company has successfully completed the licenses to planning approval, aircraft purchase approval, maintenance permit, operation license approval, etc. and, in turn, smoothly completed each stage of the operation examination and approval of the operation certificate.In the future operation, FreeSky Aviation will, under the continuous operation supervision and guidance of the Authority, operate strictly within the scope of the business license issued by CAAC, and implement the operation in accordance with Operating Specifications issued by the Authority; FreeSky Aviation will lay solid safety foundation, continuously improve safety management level, and will have the responsibility and also have the confidence to ensure of the safety and healthy development of the company so as to make FreeSky Aviation become the most distinctive business aviation company in China.